Slim Chance

Slim Chance - Stream - Part 1

Slim Chance - Stream - Part 2 (Bonus! Me playing Dark Souls 3 DLC at the end!)

Slim Chance

The ship was a A07 class, I was only 11 cycles the last time I saw one of these. It had to have been here at least 40 cycles given the amount of wear; that was pretty close to the end of the war. This pilot must have been part of the last resistance, and one hell of a pilot if she had one of these ships, top of the line tech at the time.

The interior was filled with scratch marks indication the passing of the sun on this planet, about 15 times longer on this planet than our home world, this pilot had been here a long time. There was a message scratched into the wall of the cockpit, and a data chip in her hand. She must have had an important message. There doesn't seem to be any indication of sending out an distress signal, why wouldn't she send one?

Digging up old tech to access the data chip is gonna be difficult, and a chip like this has to have an incredible amount of encryption on it as well. What could possibly be on this chip?

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